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Sample Tour
Pick Up at 09:00am
I will show you the most incredible hiking trails up and down Table Mountain. Depending on your fitness level, we will choose either the front or back of Table Mountain to reach the crest which is the highest point. After a beautiful hike and exploring the natural wonders, you will have the choice of whether to take the relaxed way down with the cable car or an alternative path down the mountain.
I'll pick you up at your accommodation by 9am. We will drive to the back side of Table Mountain and start our hike through the famous Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden (Entry ca. R40). From here we will take the old, sometimes steep but beautiful route “Jan Smuts Track” up to the highest point of Table Mountain, Mclear's Beacon. Depending on your fitness level we will take the cable car (ca. R100) or hike down Skeletons George. To hike up the mountain you need to be a little fit and to bring some appropriate hiking shoes. We will be back at your accommodation by 5pm.
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