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Sample Tour
Pick Up at 09:00am (ONLY Saturday and Sunday)
Every town has its markets these days but Cape Town markets are one of the best. Every weekend there held at places like the old historical Biscuit Mill or famous Hout bay harbour. The food is out of this world and there's a huge variety of handmade local craft to purchase. A variety of food from different nationality is represented in these food halls, with people preparing these mouth-watering cuisines in front of you. The experience is amazing from people slurping on oyster and sipping on champagne to people eating Bratwurst sausage or Belgian chocolate tarts all at variety of long wooden tables.
Start of the tour will be at 9am from your accommodation. It's a must that you do not eat a big breakfast before I pick you up as this will be great tasting experience. The Biscuit Mill or the Harbour Market is a fantastic venue to be with live music, South African art and many more surprises. We will spend the day at either one or at both markets. After delicious food we will also visit the 'down town' craft market at the Green Market Square and stop at the women craft market in Long Street. You will definitely find something creative for your friends and family at home. The tour will end at 3pm at your accommodation.
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